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To ensure you get just the right stand alone Cyber Insurance, complete the form below.  Should only take 3 to 5 minutes and a response is typically returned via email with same day, no longer than 2 working days. All fields are required and necessary to make sure your are properly protected.

Within the last 3 years has entity suffered any cyber incidents resulting in a claim in excess of $25,000?

Did they already suspect?

Does Named Insured implement encryption on all accessible devices?

Does Named Insured collect, process, store, transmit, or have access to any Payment Card Information (PCI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or Protected Health Information (PHI) other than employees of Named Insured?

Do you enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on: Email, VPN’s, RDP, RDPWeb, RD Gateway or other remote access, network clouds or other privileged user accounts?

Does Named Insured maintain at least weekly backups of all sensitive or otherwise critical data and all critical business systems offline or on a separate network?

Does Named Insured require a secondary means of communication to validate the authenticity of funds transfers (ACH, wire, etc.) requests before processing a request in excess of $25,000?

Would you verify any large value transaction prior too and or in addition to processing it?

Within the last 3 years has Named Insured been subject to any complaints concerning the content of its website, advertising materials, social media, or other publications? (copyright Infringements, etc..)

Does Named Insured enforce procedures to remove content (including third party content) that may infringe or violate any intellectual property or privacy right?

Would you take it down or ask too if aware?

Are you a Technology provider? (IT, MSP)

Within the last 3 years has Named Insured been subject to a dispute or claim arising out of a technology error or omission in excess of $25,000?

Is Named Insured operating as a managed service provider (MSP)

If the Named Insured participates directly in or sells technology products/services designed for any of the following industries, please select all that apply

Identify the standard risk mitigating clauses or methods contained within Named Insured’s agreements or contracts

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