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We are passionate about improving your cyber posture.

Tech Coordinator Cyber Insurance Solutions is an independent agency dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations in obtaining comprehensive cyber insurance coverage. At Tech Coordinator Cyber Insurance solutions we are passionate about helping improve cyber posture in all departments. Tech Coordinator Cyber Insurance Solutions partners with individuals and organizations to mitigate the cyber risk by proposing an application for insurance to issue and bind a cyber policy and support cybersecurity within the organization. Tech coordinator cyber insurance solutions is here for business owners and individuals who want to protect and insure their cyber activity and grow in cyber safety. Tech Coordinator Cyber Insurance Solutions works best with those who respect the importance of data, content and management plus acknowledge the vulnerabilities and the many types of cyber-attacks and they impact it could or will have on business.

Cyber insurance (a.k.a. Cyber Liability, Internet Liability, Electronic Media Liability, and Network Security & Information Liability insurance, among other countless monikers) helps companies protect their digital assets  from many technology-based cyber risks that could impact the organization, including cyber risks associated with a company’s information technology infrastructure and activities such as a systems failure event, cyber attack, or data breach. 

Cyber insurance also provides coverage for privacy liability events (that is to say, the loss of protected, private information whether it is through a hack or simply a misplaced laptop, USB stick, or even file cabinet), as well as media liability events (for example, if you are accused of defamation, infringement, or other wrongful acts with respects to your website or other electronic media). Watch your posts!

Of course, in this day in age, information technology is more likely than not at the center of every business activity.  Not to mention, almost every business has an online presence whether that be a website, mobile app, or Facebook page.  

This is why Tech Coordinator Cyber Insurance will  recommend that every business, in every industry, and of every size consider cyber insurance as a pillar to their insurance portfolio.

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